First Ever 5k Race Results


I finally have the time to update you on my first ever race on Sunday.  The night before I didn’t get much sleep as I was nervous.  The day of the race was cold but dry with no rain so perfect running conditions for me.

i felt super excited when I picked up my race number and tracker


Before the race I was nervous I was going to come last, however my husband reassured me there would be heaps of people just walking it so not to worry.  Well there were walkers but they had their own race so that added to the nerves.

So the race started at 8.00am and straight away about 100 people ran past me. At this point I had to remind myself I’m running my own race and it’s not Important how fast everyone else is going.  However after approximately 2k I started overtaking people that had slowed down, I think perhaps they had gone out too fast.  This was a great confidence boast.  I kept my pace and finished the race. I  ran my fasted 5k ever and fasted 1k.  Also I didn’t come last I came 113 out of 150 runners.


I really enjoyed the race and the whole experience and I have signed up for a 5k on the 7th June my aim is to run it in under 30 minutes.

My advice for anyone doing their first race:  1. don’t stop running no matter how slow you have to run. 2. Run your own race don’t worry about other runners. 3. Enjoy it.

Sarah x


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