To Weigh Or Not To Weigh


I am now 9 months into my lifestyle change and things are going so well.  I am pretty happy with life at the moment,  I’m not far off my goal weight, fitter than I’ve ever been and in fact this Sunday is my first ever run race.  Now as people who have known me all my life would confirm I’ve never been a runner.  My plan after this race is to train for a 10k.

Anyway the reason behind this post, is weighing.  I have been a little obsessed with weighing myself, every morning I jump on the scales and I log each day’s weight.  This practice can make or break my day.  Well I don’t feel this is healthy for me. So I’m  not going to weigh myself  for 1 month.  This is not to give me a pass to eat rubbish.  No it’s the freedom to continue my journey and not worry what the scales say.  I am also making a couple of changes to my eating I’m not going to snack, I’m sticking to 3 filling meals a day, no sugar not just refined sugar, so no honey or maple syrup.  However I’ll still have fruit in moderation, I need to drink more water and not touch fizzy pop.  I used to drink Pepsi Max everyday and way too much.  Well 2 weeks ago I gave the stuff up.  It was rough for a couple of days but I’m over it now woohoo.  I also want to be running 10km by the end of the month.

I had a great non scale victory this week, I went clothes shopping and brought all size 10.  I have been struggling with clothes shopping, I’ve been dressing like I’m still heavy.  But this week I tried on a few different styles and even brought a top with horizontal strips!

image image

Well that’s it. Wish me luck for the race.

Sarah x


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