From the Couch to Running 5k

Last August I decided I would like to have a go at running.  I wasn’t sure how to start so I downloaded an app called C25K.  It’s an 8 week programme which starts off running a minute walking a minute and gradually builds up.

When I started I thought I was going to die, but I kept going and I finished the programme. I did have to repeat the odd week as I wasn’t ready to move to the next level. It took me 10 weeks instead of the 8 to complete. I now run 5k every other day and I love it. A friend suggested I run the Auckland Marathon this coming November which would mean some serious training. However I am not sure I have the confidence to do it.  So I decided to book myself a place on a 5k race in May to see how I find the race environment. I’m super excited and yet nervous as I’m not a fast runner my current pace I’d 6.8 minutes per km.


I love the idea of completing a marathon what an achievement it would be.  However mentally I just don’t know if I could run that far. Anyway for now I’m just going to do the 5k race and decide from there.  I like to run just before dawn , here is a photo I took this morning as the sun was rising. What a great way to start the day. image Sarah x


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