The 3pm Low



I don’t know why but every day at 3pm I feel utterly exhausted and crave bad foods.  Back before my change of lifestyle I’d have a hot chocolate and a piece of cake or a Kitkat bar.  Now I really don’t want to be going down that road again but I do have a sweet tooth there is no denying it.  Anyway I’ve found the solution, the perfect afternoon tea.  Buckwheat Bread (which is really a cracker) with half a banana and a drizzle of raw honey.  One word can describe this…. Delicious.

I brought the bread and raw honey from a fellow Brit living here in New Zealand who has a fantastic facebook shop check her out if you are local,   The bread is tangy, fermented and kind to your gut.  It is also completely nut free.


anyway i’m super chuffed to have a healthy afternoon tea option sorted.


Sarah x

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