Lifestyle Change

It has been such a long time since I  last  blogged, life has been pretty hectic the last few months. Anyway I heaps to share hence the multiple posts today.

As the title of this blog states we have had a lifestyle change here.  Since having my little ones my weight has slowly crept up, you know how it is lots of baking and coffee mornings with other mums.  Anyway last August I thought enough is enough, I don’t want to look and feel like this anymore.

My number one motivator is that I want to be around to see my children reach adulthood and hopefully grandchildren one far off day. So since that cold and wet August morning when I decided to change my life I have lost so far 22kg (approx. 3.5 stone) I am now back within the healthy bmi range and I feel great.

Now I  haven’t dieted as such or counted calories.  The changes I  made are as follows:

  • Started to exercise, I did the C25K running programme and now run 5k 3 times a week. When I  started I could barely run for a minute.
  • I cut out refined sugar.
  • only eat real food (no processed foods)
  • I only have “good” carbs and only before noon.

I have approx 6kg to go to my target weight  and hope to get to that in the next few months.

I have posted a couple of recipes tonight which I hope some of you like.  Id love to hear if you are on a similar journey to mine.

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