Felt Letters and Homemade Post Box


This is an easy to make and costs less than $20.  The best thing is that my son loves it.  He is at the age where he just loves to pretend play.  He sets up his teddies around the house collects the post from the box and then delivers the letters to each one of his teddies.

you will need

  • Sheets of felts (at least 2 colours)
  • Cardboard box
  • Can of red spray paint
  • Pot of black paint
  • Thread



Make  yourself a basic template and cut out of the felt.  I used a small box outlined it 3 times using the top box to cut out the triangle.


Then cut out out a square for the stamp and a rectangle for the address label Out of a different colour felt. Sew the stamp first on to the envelop then sew on the address to the label before sewing to the envelope.



Finally sew up the side of the envelopes


Now for the Post Box, get yourself a  suitable cardboard box and cut out a slit for the post to go in.



Then spray paint the box and leave to dry. ( I recommend you do this outside as it’s is smelly work). The last step is to paint in black the words “post box”.




If you have any questions please comment below.


Sarah x

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