How clean is your oven?

If there is one job I hate doing around the house it’s cleaning the oven. Then when I got pregnant I was very reluctant to clean it, as I didn’t want to be exposed to the chemicals in the shop brought cleaners.   So I did some research  for alternative methods and found the following worked a dream.

The Racks – pop them in the bath tub.  Fill the tub until they are covered with water and add a cup of laundry powder.  Leave the racks overnight, then rinse and wipe in the morning.

The Oven – Mix bicarbonate of soda and white vinegar together to  make a paste.  Apply the paste to  the oven and leave for an hour or so.  Then use a tooth-brush and a little water and give it a scrub.  Finally give it a good wash down and it’s done.


Sarah x

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